Endangered species

wild dog 1

Wildlife and nature have always been important to me and my family. I grew up visiting and spending most of my holidays at various nature reserves. A few years ago, I was tasked with creating a disc that would spread awareness about an endangered species. Dogs are my favourite animals so this project was close to my heart.

Wild dogs are becoming more scarce and struggling to survive in the wild. The concept for this piece was that the species are unraveling and their numbers are deteriorating.


Telkom Mobile – Experimentation

I recently paired up with Communication honour students in order to develop an advertising campaign for Telkom Mobile. The honours students provided me with a strategy and brief and I developed the concept ideas and final designs. Although these did end up being my final designs, I still like the flat graphic style that I experimented with. My concept was humorous and playful so I quite enjoyed making cartoon campaign elements.

Poster Designs

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Over the course of the last two years I have created various posters entailing remaking a movie poster with my own photographic images; promoting an event and building my own poster props (ADA poster); exploring the identity of students and whether humanity was lost during the protests; and showing the colour, beauty and diversity of our youth.


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As I mentioned in About Me, I enjoy drawing and I also like to paint. Visualization is a class that is available at the University of Johannesburg and it consists of trying many mediums and varies from quick sketches to intricate and time consuming artworks.

These are just a few of the things I created in that class.