About Me


I am currently a third year Communication (Graphic) Design student at the University of Johannesburg and studied in New York State, USA for a semester on an exchange program last year.

My love for design stems from my love of drawing and creating which began early on in childhood and grew to develop across all design including Architecture which I studied for a year at WITS. My sketchy drawing style is sometimes brought forward into my design but I am a versatile designer who likes to try any and every kind of project whether it be illustration(my favourite), web design, magazine layout and the many other categories of Communication Design. I approach new projects with excitement and hope to develop in many aspects of Graphic Design.

Due to my interest in many types of design, I am skilled in Adobe programs such as Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and Maya. I have produced a number of websites for university projects and have delved into processing to create dynamic digital images. I am a responsible, hardworking, sporty and friendly person who will take on challenges and make sure to create designs of a high standard on time.